What you are doing

  • Interpreting the printout using our PDF-dictionary.

Your goal

  • To understand the text in detail and to pay attention to the spoken words and phrases.

How to do it better

  • Translate the text. Check all underlined words in our dictionary (PDF). Click on the PDF-dictionary (It opens in a separate tab). You can also print this PDF.
  • In the dictionary, all the words are divided into groups: topical, general, colloquial, connectors, and idioms. Each group of words is given in alphabetical order.
  • Pay attention not only to the translation of the word, but also where you can use this word. Topic vocabulary can be used only in conversations on this particular topic. General vocabulary can be used  in conversations on many topics in informal and formal communications. Colloquial vocabulary can be used in conversations on many topics in informal communication.
  • The dictionary has not only the translation, but also contextual use. So memorize the words in context.
  • Check your understanding of the text. Is the text clear to you? In every detail? Did you see where the colloquial words were used? Did you understand the idioms?

What you are working on 

  • Memorizing new words in context.