What you are doing 

  • With the help of multiple fast translations, you memorize these grammatical models from the audio that differ from the English language.

Your goal

  • To bring your speed of translation of each grammatical model (pattern) from English to Russian to 1-2 seconds, in order to not only understand them, but also actively use them in your speech.

How to do it better

  • Open the PDF with grammar patterns. It opens in a separate tab. You can also print it (recommended).

What is in the PDF: 

  • It has 6 blocks divided into 2 columns
  • The left column is in English, the right one is in Russian. 
  • Each block has 5 sentences. 
  • The first three blocks are the three grammar patterns that were used in the audio. The last three blocks are the same patterns but mixed up. 
  • Each pattern is different from English.
  • There are 5 sentences for each pattern. 

Step 1. Work with the first pattern.

  • Cover the right column (with a piece of paper)
  • Look at the first example in English in the left column. Open only the first sentence in Russian in the right column and notice how it is built in Russian. Read it ALOUD in Russian.
  • Read the second example of the pattern in English. Translate it into Russian OUT LOUD. Open the second sentence in Russian to check yourself. If you translated incorrectly, then read the correct version out loud.
  • Do the same with examples 3-5.
  • After that, go 3-4 times through all five examples, trying to say the phrases in Russian faster and faster. On the last round you should be almost automatically pronouncing the Russian phrase when you see it in English.
  • It is important to do this fast. The skill is formed as a result of high speed. If at first you took 4-5 seconds to remember the translation, then on the last round you should be able to remember them in 1-2 seconds. You should be able to go 3-4 times thorough the 5-sentence block in 3-4 minutes.

Step 2. Go to the second pattern. Work with it in the same way as with the first. 

Step 3. Go to the third pattern. Work with it in the same way as with the first. 

Steps 4-6. Work using the same system where patterns are now mixed up.

Why you are doing this

With multiple translations at high speed

  • You memorize new Russian grammar patterns and add them to your active vocabulary.
  • You learn to speak - that is, to respond fluently and correctly in a conversation, without translating every word from one's native language into Russian and back. 
  • You prepare yourself to think in Russian.  

Why it works

  • Isolation. Within one block of sentences, we are working on one grammatical pattern. We isolate it from other difficulties. You have 100% focus on one skill. 
  • Feedback. You immediately see the correct version and can immediately override the wrong version with the correct one that you say out loud.
  • Intensity. You pronounce lots patterns correctly by yourself in a short amount of time.