What you are doing 

  • Memorize the new verb forms with the help of the audio and PDF.

Your goal

  • To remember the main forms of the new verbs (tense and aspect) and the cases for the nouns to use with these verbs.

How to do it better

  • Open the PDF with the grammar patterns. It opens in a separate tab. You can also print it (recommended).
  • Each verb has five forms: three forms of tense (present, past and future) in an imperfective form and two forms of tense (past and future) in a perfective form. All forms are given in context (in short sentences).
  • Listen to the audio. You can listen while doing other things (working out or cooking). In the audio, the sentences are pronounced at both normal and slow tempo.
  • The audio has a nice, relaxing background music. Don’t force yourself to memorize the phrases.
  • Listen and repeat the phrases when the speaker pauses. Copy the speaker’s pronunciation. If necessary, look simultaneously in the PDF file. But not while driving 🙂

Why you are doing this

  • When you listen to the words in context and in a specific system many times, you memorize the forms without any special effort.
  • By imitating the pronunciation of a native speaker you master the sounds of the Russian language (phonetics).

Why it works

  • Listening in the background reduces unconscious resistance of the brain and removes this barrier.
  • Audio with a pleasant, relaxing background affects the right hemisphere of the brain (responsible for emotions). Relaxation + simple exercises (repeating after the speaker) allow you to easily memorize while relaxing.