I know that you may need to see for yourself what’s inside the METRO Club. 

So I invite you to try METRO Club for 2 weeks RISK-FREE.

What you will get after signing up today:


Get the first 2 lessons

You’ll download and self-study the first 2 lessons of the online course in Advanced Russian immediately after you signed up.


Learn the system

You’ll watch the 10-min. video explaining my unique “7-Step Comprehension Boosting System” and start applying it to both lessons. 


Join our Facebook Group 

You’ll join a private METRO Club Facebook group and:

  • Ask me any questions about Lesson 1 & 2 and I’ll answer them in the comments 
  • Post your homework in writing and I’ll correct it (only if you get the Premium plan) 
  • Learn from collective mind of other motivated METRO Club members: read my answers to their questions about Russian grammar, and read fascinating stories in Russian about people's life experience (i.e. homework in writing) and my correction of whatever could be said in better Russian.


Participate in our club activities

Participate in our club activities via Zoom (depending upon which one is  available during your trial period) 

  • Singing session and learn one of the popular Russian songs
  • Speaking session and practice talking about daily life 

What will you need to do next?

  • If you like our METRO Club, you don’t need to do anything, and in 2 weeks your card will be charged $99.99  and will continue to be charged $99.99 once a month. You can stop it any time. 
  • If within 14 days you find out that our METRO Club doesn’t fit your needs or level, please write us at support@RussianMobileAcademy.com, and we will stop the free trial for you. Your card won’t be charged any money. And even you can keep the lessons!