Then in January 2020, I found a link for Conversational Russian Club "Metro." while looking for a new course with new material, style, or a “new method.” 

I liked the Metro concept compared to quite a few others I have tried. 

  • Lessons have no spoken English. 
  • The subjects are from everyday life but the foundation is usable anywhere. 
  • Use of colloquial expressions is big for me. 
  • The lessons are short enough to keep my interest but are indeed full of new material plus some reuse of earlier terms. 
  • There are fast and slow-paced central spoken lessons. 
  • Written exercises excellently reinforce the spoken central portion. 
  • There is a group call every month that is more than just practice as you watch others improve as well. The spoken portion, either speed, is done in a clearly professional tireless easy to listen to voice. 

Two big weaknesses plagued me:

  • the inability to comprehend normal Russian pace 
  • I translated into English both speaking and listening.  

By August (after 4 months in the club), I noticed both were changing and today have changed completely. 

Russian people who haven’t seen me for a while, ask me what I have been doing to achieve the improvement. I also believe the easing of my prize-winning accent is bonus. 

I find there are changes, in a big way, to my vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and thus the ability to communicate in both directions. 

I also can follow at a much faster pace than before. Enough so, one day I heard a lesson in my car and after I heard the slow portion start, I realized I had just listened to the normal portion and understood it. 

I feel anyone who has the basic foundation of Grammar will find a surge in vocab and style enough in the first month, to envision what completing the whole “Metro” series will do for them.