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Hi, I am Marina Koker!

I’m CEO of the Russian Mobile Academy, a Russian language expert, a Russian language courses designer, a Russian language and culture instructor and an Oral Proficiency Interview consultant. 


Since 2016 I have managed the Russian Mobile Academy, where I create online courses to help Russian learners in the U.S. and worldwide bring their Russian skills to the level where they can confidently talk – speak and understand. 

Would you like me to help you with your Russian studies?

What I’m especially good at


intensive Russian programs

with tangible results


complex Russian grammar concepts

in a simple, clear and visual ways


well-structured and visually appealing

study materials


a good combination of  support 

and motivation for my students

Facts and numbers


For 25+ years I’ve been helping adults to bring their Russian language skills to their target levels. 

All students - from the very beginning Russian learners whose goal was to develop survival skills in Russian - to educated Russian native speakers who learned how to persuade their audience in public debates. And everything in between. And my students always hit their mark!

I was teaching Russian at universities in three countries - in Russia, in the U.S. and in Latvia, and also for the U.S. government and in private language schools so I have a solid idea of the Russian language proficiency requirements and testing in academia and with the USG (OPI, DLPT, FSI tests).

I've been designing Russian language courses. I've written two college textbooks in Russian advanced grammar (in culture of Russian speech) and in Russian punctuation to help my students speak and write the way educated Russians do. 

 I've been living with my family in the U.S for the past 17 years.


Designed over 15 Russian language courses, including:  Advanced Russian Grammar & Stylistics, Culture of Russian Speech, Jump Start Russian, OPI Success,  OPI Success-Russian, Russian Morning Podcast, Russian Pronunciation, Russian Punctuation, Russian Rhetoric: Argumentation in Public Speech and Debates, Russian Spelling in Algorithms.


  • Ph.D. in Russian language (in contemporary Russian grammar) from Vinogradov Institute of Russian Language (Russian Academy of Sciences). 
  • M.A/ B.A. in Russian language from Lomonosov Moscow State  University.


  • Former certified Russian Oral Proficiency Interview tester for the Defense Language Institute. 
  • Author of the “OPI Success” course.


  • How to Navigate Through the Ocean of Modern Russian Speech, 1999
  • Russian Punctuation, 2013

Years in Teaching


Classroom Hours


Students Trained


Courses Designed


Textbooks Written

What my students say about me

I really love what I do, and my students say that I am good at that. I constantly build up my skills to help my students learn better.  It’s very rewarding experience for me to see my students growing as Russian language users one level up, and one more, and one more.

No matter what level your Russian is Marina can help you to improve it

Marina's instruction is excellent. Her knowledge of the intricacies of the Russian language is exceptional. No matter what level your Russian is she can help you to improve it.

GENEVIEVE  //  USG Employee, Washington, DC

I've never learned so much in so short a time

I've had many Russian courses over the years, but never learned so much in so short time. Marina's targeted and concentrated focus on specific topics gave me the confidence to speak more fluently.

RONALD  //  USG Employee, Washington, DC

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