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Who We Are

We are an online Russian language school located in Virginia, USA. Since 2016 we have been helping the U.S. and worldwide Russian learners at Intermediate and higher levels to break through the Intermediate level plateau and start confidently speaking in Russian.

  • Our services include digital (online and blended) and distance (one-on-one and small groups) Russian study programs. All our programs are aligned with the U.S. Government language proficiency testing and teaching standards.
  • We have solid experience in preparing our students to succeeding in the U.S. Government Russian language proficiency testing, including the OPI and DLPT.

We Believe That ...

  • In today’s constantly changing world, your smartest investments are in your own education and self-development.
  • One of the vital skills in more and more connected world is proficiency in foreign languages. It stimulates your brain, advances your career, connects you to people, and expands your world view.    
  • With new tech tools and current trends in teaching languages, learning foreign languages was never so easy and it’s smart to take advantage of it.
  • Speaking Russian opens a whole new world for you: creates amazing connections, opens your mind to the new ideas, allows you to experience a world’s biggest country from the inside, give a boost to your career. 

Our Goal

  • To help you to start confidently talking in Russian in the shortest time frame                              
  • To make studying Russian engaging so you are motivated to move forward with your Russian study one step each day.  
  • To create a community of driven Russian language learners worldwide so you can get support from like-minded people.

Our Focus

Our online and distance courses focus precisely on the stumbling blocks that stand between your level in Russian and fluency:


We select vocabulary that is important for the Intermediate High and Advanced levels and help you memorize it with several interactive methods, i.e. spaced repetition apps, mnemonics, visuals.


We target the most challenging Russian grammar structures (verbs of motion and verbal aspect) and train you to use them on autopilot when you speak.


We help you make your pronunciation clear to native speakers.


We train you to understand fast authentic speech on daily and political topics.


We use interactive games and communicative tasks to make you comfortable with your real-life speaking.  


We train you to use different reading strategies for understanding a wide variety of texts.

Our Methods

We combine the best from communicative, task-based, flipped classroom, and immersion methods. We also use our efficient proprietary methods in:

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Online Russian language school for Russian learners at Intermediate and higher levels.



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