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Russian Mobile Academy is an online Russian language school located in Northern Virginia. 

Our mission is to help ambitious professionals to meet their career goals to learn Russian and to succeed in USG language proficiency testing with confidence. 

We do it with easy-to-follow system, simple and actionable tools, and personal coaching. We explain complex Russian grammar concepts in very simple words and clear visual presentations.

All our courses are aligned with the ILR/ USG language proficiency teaching and testing requirements.

We use task-based instructions but we adjust standard requirements to the specifics of the Russian language. 

We carefully chose our methods of teaching. We use only those that bring results fast in learning Russian.

We follow current trends and innovations in foreign language teaching to make sure that your learning as  fast and as painless as possible.  ​

To help you fit learning into your schedule, we offer online  courses when you can study from the comfort of your home at your pace as well as blended courses that combine digital media with more traditional forms of teaching. 

We incorporate benefits of mobile learning in our courses - i.e. apps that help you to make new words stick through fun, competitive games you could play with your friends with built-in, spaced repetition and active-recall learning (like Quizlet).

We use mobile resources to bring learning to you – to your inbox, to your mobile device, to your laptop. We connect with you via messengers, via video conferences platforms and in social media. We recommend best apps and platforms so you can learn faster and better.  

We are here for you.  We care. 

Hi! I am Marina Koker, and I dedicated my entire career to help college students and professionals
to meet their study goals with learning Russian language on different levels.
I love my profession, and my students say that I am good at that.

Marina Koker, Ph.D.

Founder/ Head

Curriculum & Course Developer

Senior Instructor 

  • College Professor
    Over 30 years of comprehensive experience in teaching a wide range of Russian language and Russian rhetoric courses in Russian, U.S., and Latvian colleges, in the U.S. government and private agencies.
  • Author
    Two college textbooks:
    Russian Punctuation, 2013, 146 pages.

    My Language Is My Friend, or How to Navigate through the Ocean of Modern Russian Speech, 1999, 222 pages
  • OPI Tester
    2012-2013 Certified OPI tester with the Defense Language Institute;
  • Designed Courses
    Advanced Russian Grammar & Stylistics. Culture of Russian Speech. Jump Start Russian. OPI Success. OPI Success-Russian. Russian Pronunciation. Russian Punctuation. Russian Rhetoric: Argumentation in Public Speech and Debates. Russian Spelling in Algorythms. "Pro et Contra" debates. 
  • Education
    Ph.D. in Russian language and literature, Russian Academy of Science;

    BA/MA in Russian language and literature, Lomonosov Moscow State University;






You will find more information about my professional experience here.

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