Путешествие на самолёте

The Complete Vocabulary Guide to Travel by Airplane

  • Are you planning to travel by air to the Russian-speaking country? 
  • Does talking to passport control and customs make you nervous because you are afraid that you won’t understand them and say something that can get you into troubles? 
  • Do you want to discuss to details of your trip with your Russian partners and friends?

What you’ll find in my Путешествие на самолёте vocabulary guide

  • Not just individual words but also ready-to use phrases you need to discuss your trip in detail
  • Not just English translation but also native pronunciation and intonation
  • Three powerful tools that make memorizing “no-brainer” without dry cramming so you are ready to use them during your next trip

Not just individual words, but the whole sentences. When a phrase is memorized as a whole, it becomes easy to use and understand it in its entirety, not by individual words. In addition, you memorize it at once with correct pronunciation and natural intonation and rhythm

Tool 1: Theme-grouped vocab

  • What is it? 

You need to memorize over 300 words and phrases to talk about your trip. It is a lot to memorize! Will you learn all these words or not, depends a lot of how they will be presented to you.  

When they are given to you in a laundry list of 330 words listed together in random or alphabetical order, it makes it hard for you to memorize and to use them. Why? Because it is intimidatingly long and not structured, so your brain will try to avoid working with them! 

So what we did instead – we divided all 330 words into several thematical groups related to the situations you need to deal with during your trip, i.e. we grouped together the words and phrases you need to talk:

  • about planning your trip
  • when buying or ordering an airplane ticket 
  • at the airport (checking-in, going through passport control, though security check, through the customs) 
  • in a plane 

Each of these lists is easy to use because they are:

  • rather short (5-15 words) so their length is no longer intimidating or discouraging, 
  • related to the same situation so you know when you’ll need them,  
  • illustrated with pictures and carefully designed that gives visual help for memorizing them 


As a result, after looking through this part of PDF, you’ll see all vocabulary grouped and nicely presented. And for people with good memory, it will be enough for memorizing these words and phrases. 

But for many others we included our “Fold-and-Flip” memorization tool that can help you not only understand all these words and phrases but also use them in your speech. 

theme-grouped vocab

Tool 2: "Fold-and-Flip" memorization tool

  • What is it? 

The same words and phrases from “Theme-grouped vocab”, are now presented in a slightly different way in a second part of PDF. 

They are still grouped thematically but now they are listed in two columns: Russian words on the right, English translation on the left.

fold and flip

Print it, fold in half lengthwise and use for memorization:

  • Start with looking at the Russian words/ phrases and try to remember their English translation
  • Then flip it and look at English words/ phrases and try to remember the Russian ones 

It’s a pretty well-established memorization tool that works well for many people because:

  • you can print it and take notes on it (for some people paper format works better than digital) 
  • you can play with it whenever you have a spare moment: 5 min here, 10 min there (repetition helps!)
  • it makes you focus on English-to-Russian translation that is important when you want to not understand but also use them in your speech

Tool 3: Quizlet - learn new words through interactive games

Do you want to make sure you pronounce these words and phrases correctly?  Do you like interactive games? 

Our Tool 3 helps you to memorize this vocabulary 

  • with the right pronunciation and intonation 
  • by playing with interactive flashcards 

You can find these interactive cards in Quizlet. 

Quizlet is a free vocabulary app that uses a spaced repetition approach and interactive games to make memorizing vocabulary easy and fun activity. 

Lot of people use it and love it. We added all 330 words and phrases to Quizlet, and you’ll be able to access them though our link in PDF. 

quizlet 1

As a result of using all 3 tools, you will

  • Memorize all 330 words and phrases you need to traveling by air with the native pronunciation and intonation by doing fun activities
  • Feel confident when discussing your trip details and during your travel - at the airport and in the plane.
marina koker

About the Author

Marina Koker 

For 30+ years she has been teaching Russian at Intermediate, Advanced and Superior level at the universities in Russia, in the U.S. and in Latvia and at the intensive Russian language programs in the U.S. 

She created 12 Russian language courses for Intermediate, Advanced and Superior level Russian learners. 

She is an author of a unique “7-Step Comprehension Boosting Method” that helps Russian learners to start understanding fast Russian speech and develop listening, reading and speaking skills quickly and in a stress-free way. 


Ph.D. in Russian Language from the V.V.Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

B.A./M.A. in Russian language from the Lomonosov Moscow State University.


For a B2 learner as myself it’s nice to find challenging and content that allows me to expand my knowledge. the PDFs are dynamic and designed in a way that facilitates the learning process.

Yossi Barzilai ‧ Spain


Once you are above “beginner,” two things happen: 1. It is very hard to find learners content and 2. Teachers are less responsive because your question or contribution isn’t just a two-second reply. Marina provides INTERMEDIATE content: themed vocabulary and high-frequency grammar structures to propel you forward at a higher level. 

Maria Johnson ‧ United States


This method is fun, practical and packed with learning content used everyday. I knew I would like it, it wasn’t even a gamble.

Zouheir Fathallah ‧ Russia

Screen Shot 2023-02-23 at 2.27.01 PM

The materials are logically presented and are interesting to work with. Now not only has my comprehension improved, but I feel much more comfortable engaging in conversations. Russians have noticed because instead of switching to English, conversations now continue in Russian.

Paul Kozachenko ‧ United States

Путешествие на самолёте 

The COMPLETE Russian Vocabulary Guide to Travel by Airplane

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  • Over 330 air travel words and expressions
  • Theme-grouped vocab
  • "Fold-and-Flip" memorization tool
  • Quizlet flashcards
  • Easy to use and fully downloadable (33 pages PDF)
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