How to Use Russian Verbs of Motion in 7 Steps


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Whom we can help


who learn, maintain and test  Russian for their job

 Intensive and standard Russian language courses for all levels – from zero to Level 4+/Distinguished.                 


Independent adult learners

who prepare to visit or live in Russian-speaking countries 

Prepare to succeed in the Oral Proficiency Interview and other U.S. Government Russian language proficiency tests in speaking, listening, and reading. 

College students

who study Russian for their future careers 

Enhance your language learning with other exciting activities in Russian. From cooking to discussing movies, from city tours to debates.

What we can help with

Learning Russian

  • From zero to the ILR Level 4/ Distinguished 
  • In solid programs with proven results
  • Aligned with the U.S. standardized language proficiency requirements 
  • Meeting your deadlines
  • Accommodated to your schedule
  • From the comfort of your home

Want to get your Russian skills to your target level?

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Proficiency Test Prep

  • U.S. Government language proficiency testing standards
  • Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) in Russian
  • Boosting your Russian for your next standardized proficiency test in speaking, reading and listening.

Have a proficiency testing in Russian coming up?

Let’s make you succeed in it with confidence!

Our Featured Programs


Russian Verbs of Motion A-Z  

Everything you need to know about Russian VOM in a concentrated format

Join our proprietary online course, and in 6 weeks you will clearly understand the concept and system behind this confusing grammar topic and confidently use :

  • all 18 Russian VOM pairs
  • with all 16 VOM prefixes and 
  • all 25 prepositions in all contexts.

Russian Morning Podcast

  • Russian podcast
  • boost listening comprehension skills from an ILR Level 1/ Intermediate to Level 2/ Advanced
  • mobile learning: learn in small chunks
  • 10 min. podcast lessons 2-3 times per week 
  • common real life topics
  • authentic Russian speech
  • self-study course
  • three months 

It’s for you if you …

By the end of this course you will…

What you get

How it works

Jump Start Russian

  • Beginning Russian course
  • reach an ILR Level 1/ Intermediate as fast as in 6 weeks
  • the only method in the U.S. that follows logic of Russian grammar
  • ridiculously easy to understand grammar explanations
  • following U.S. government teaching/ testing requirements
  • 120 classroom hours in a virtual classroom

it's for you, if you ...

By the end of this course you will…

What you get

How it works

OPI Success - Russian

  • Russian speaking proficiency interview prep blended course
  • get your best Russian OPI score with minimum efforts
  • comprehensive, clear and actionable OPI guide
  • self-study easy-to-follow modules
  • online consultations
  • mock Russian OPI with a certified Russian OPI tester

it's for you, if you ...

By the end of this course you will…

What you get

How it works

Why learn with us?

Drive for quality

All our programs and materials are designed by a Russian language expert with

  • Ph.D./M.A./B.A. in Russian language 
  • over 25 years of successful teaching Russian in universities and with the U.S. Government
  • Russian OPI tester certification and experience
  • hundreds of happy students with great results

We do not just teach you Russian. We don’t provide typical Russian tutoring services. We offer proprietary Russian language courses. Each one of our courses is focused on bringing you very specific results.  And we use the shortest way to bring you there.

Get results FAST

We don’t provide typical Russian tutoring services. 

Instead, we offer proprietary Russian language courses that are focused on delivering very specific results and aligned with the U.S. Government teaching and testing system. 

And we use the shortest way to bring you the results that you’ll retain

We use proven innovative methods with strong grammar foundation, 

vocabulary retention system, and step-by-step integrated skills development (speaking, listening and reading)

aligned with the U.S. Government teaching and testing system. 

Choose flexibility

We accommodate your learning around your busy schedule so you can study from the comfort of your home: 

  • Online and blended courses
  • Full-time & part-time options
  • Daytime, evenings & weekends
  • One-on-one & small groups

You will learn from a top notch instructor with Ph.D. in Russian language and over 25 years of successful teaching Russian (link to Testimonials) to professionals and students. She loves her students and teaching Russian.

Go mobile

​We embrace mobile technology to bring learning to where you are:  online courses, podcasts, web conferencing tools, apps, sharing video/ audio recordings, group chats, social media groups, blogs, variety of visual, textual and auditory learning experiences.

Learn real Russian

With innovative method for beginners you’ll start thinking like a Russian from the very beginning (instead of staying for years in a translation trap) and use real Russian that natives use in their daily communication (instead of a “textbook” Russian).

Enjoy the process

We are a Northern Virginia based small family business.

You’ll be treated like a family: with patience, care and love.


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25 Years of Teaching
1580 Great Students
13900 Classroom Hours
20165 Cups of Coffee (this morning too!)

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Simple as 1, 2, 3…

 * Russian Pronunciation      * Level 1/ Beginner-Intermediate Russian        

                *Level 2/ Advanced Russian      * Level 3/ Superior Russian     *Level 4-4+/ Distinguished Russian     

  * Russian Maintenance   * OPI Success  *OPI Success-Russian    * Russian Immersion   * Russian Debates


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