Would you like to become FULLY PREPARED for your upcoming OPI,
get your TARGET RATING and start building a STRONG FINANCIAL FOUNDATION  out of your foreign language skills? 

Would you like to become FULLY PREPARED for your upcoming OPI,
get your TARGET RATING and start building a STRONG FINANCIAL FOUNDATION  out of your foreign language skills? 



Almost every professional or student who is preparing for the OPI or other speaking proficiency interview has these thoughts:

  • I don’t know anything…
  • How can I meet my target level criteria?
  • What if I’ll fail? I’ll lose my assignment. Oh no!
  • This OPI is so confusing. Aren’t there any rules?
  • Testers do whatever they want! It’s like a game where they always win. So unfair!
  • I have such a limited amount of time for preparation, how can I use it effectively?
  • OPI is sooo stressful, just thinking about it makes me sick – the worst test experience I’ve ever had!
  • It’s impossible to properly prepare for the OPI!

How come John is always getting better OPI score than I: we both seemed to have the same speaking skills. Does he know some OPI “secrets” that I don’t?

Do You Have A Fear Of Language Testing?

You put tons of effort into learning a foreign language, and you’ve got an employer who is ready to pay you pretty generous INCENTIVES for your foreign language skills.

You feel so lucky because finally you could be rewarded for all the years of hard language learning.

Life is good! Right?

Well, there is one small problem that is standing between you and your language incentives.

This problem’s name is LANGUAGE TESTING.

Your language skills need to be assessed.

Three of those skills, actually: speaking, listening and reading.

Your employer seemed to prefer a professional estimation of your language skills over your own self-appraisal as “fluent” or “near native” – before he will be willing to pay you for those skills. Imaging that!

You can’t blame your employer for that. It’s fair.

You employer relies on a proven testing system that rates your language skills at certain levels. The system is solid. It does what it intended to do.

But just thinking about language proficiency tests makes you feel sick. Honestly, you are just freaking out about it. Especially about test in speaking, called ORAL PROFICIENCY INTERVIEW, aka OPI.

What’s Up With Those Speaking Proficiency Tests?

  • You’ve taken lots of tests, assessments, and exams during your education and on the job, many of which were pretty rough.
  • You are strong, goal-driven, educated, and smart professional.
  • What makes this speaking proficiency testing so stressful for you?

The problem is …

They are the MOST CONFUSING TESTS you’ve ever had to deal with in your life.

You don’t know EXACTLY -

  • What to get READY for: topics to talk about, types of tasks you’ll be asked to do, what the expectations are,
  • How to OPTIMIZE your preparation effort and MAXIMIZE your performance at the tests.

You can’t find any clear, comprehensive, and actionable guidance for those tests so you don’t know what to focus your preparation on.

Something like a test study guide, right? Similar to what you’ve used for your SAT or GRE. Your local book store had several options of SAT study guides, and Amazon - even more. And they actually helped you a lot with your SAT! From them, you got a clear picture of what exactly you should expect at the test, what types of questions will be there, tips to succeed, ample practice to solidify your skills.

So, you were trying to find something similar for the OPI.

There is a small issue: YOU COULDN’T FIND anything like that for the Oral Proficiency Interview. Not in the book stores, not in Amazon.

You actually googled it too – not much advice online either.

You were able to find either something very GENERAL or very SUBJECTIVE and limited, someone’s personal experience - and that’s it. You started to think that maybe there is NO COMPREHENSIVE, CLEAR, and ACTIONABLE OPI Guides. And actually that what your colleagues told you- with the OPI – you are pretty much on your own. And good luck to you!

  • You are LOSING A LOT OF TIME when you are trying to unsuccessfully search for information about those tests.
  • Not getting clear guidance puts tons of UNNECESSARY STRESS on you.
  • You feel that you are a very UNFAIR situation. Seems like a rigged game: only the testers know the rules.

Doesn’t matter if you are preparing for your first language proficiency test or you’ve done it several times, you pretty much go in BLINDFOLDED and react to what’s going on during the test the best way you can.

When you can’t find anything specific, TRIAL AND ERROR is your only option. You just wish that someone would give you clear guidance on what to expect and what to focus on.

Because these language proficiency tests are too important to hope just on luck and on trial and error.

Your HIRING,  your ASSIGNMENTS, your “big fat” LANGUAGE BONUSES depend upon your result on the OPI.

If you are not hitting the mark, you may be losing hundreds of dollars per paycheck. And it’s for 3-5 years after taking JUST ONE TEST. For EACH LANGUAGE you speak. It’s a significant amount of money.

What Being Paid For Language Skills Really Means For You

Let’s say you took a speaking proficiency interview in Russian and you received a rating just a little lower than it was required for a language pay bonuses. Instead of Level 3 you received a Level 2+.

What is the RESULT of that?

  • You may LOSE an interesting assignment or won’t be able to complete it in the required way.
  • It may HOLD BACK your next career step.
  • Also, you JUST LOST MONEY.

You just lost about $25K at least.

That much?

That’s right.

If your job required for you to speak Russian at Level 3 and you had passed at that level, you may be getting different types of language bonuses, around $700 a month = $8,400 a year = $25,200 during a 3 year period (three years – because your language certification for Level 3 is good for 3 years).

That much difference in your pocket could be a result of JUST ONE language testing gone wrong.

  • Plus a lot of FRUSTRATION.
  • Plus a serious hit on your SELF-ESTEEM (who wants to be a loser?).

All of that “fun” stuff.

And since you are reading this now, there is a pretty good chance that it already had happened to you.

At least once.

You did the best you could with your language test preparation, you tried to use as much help as you could (searching for guidance, learning from instructors), you were short on time, and you had NO CLUE what to focus your preparation on: what is critically important to focus on for your target level, and what is less important. And HOW to LEARN IT FAST.

Honestly, you were lost. You were trying to move your preparation into several directions at the same time.

And you failed. It didn’t work. You didn’t get the rating score that you needed to get.

But it was not your fault.

It was just hard to play the “guessing” game and win it. It’s not impossible, but it’s very frustrating.

You knew that you should make it because you have everything to succeed: you are strong, well-educated, very intelligent, self-organized, and goal-driven. You could - if you could get some CLEAR GUIDANCE on what to expect and where to focus your effort on.

You just couldn’t find this guidance anywhere.

How the Right System Can Change Your Testing Results

I get it.

I felt the same way when I received my first invitation for a speaking proficiency interview. I didn’t know anything more than that: a “language interview” – that was all I knew would happen. It was part of the application process. I was supposed to have two separate interviews - in my mother tongue and in English.

I think my most interesting experience was from the interview in my native language, in Russian. I learned a lot from it.

At that time I was:

  • A highly educated native speaker,
  • A language professional who had earned all possible degrees, from bachelor to doctorate, in how to teach my language,
  • A university professor with tons of experience teaching my language.

With all of those credentials, would you think that a language test was a piece of cake for me? Think again.

It was actually a rather stressful experience.

First, I had no idea what to expect there:

  • What will happen during that interview?
  • Will they ask me to do something or will it be just a conversation?
  • If it’s going to be just a conversation then talking about what? My professional area of expertise? Politics? Culture? Literature? What’s going on around the globe, in the U.S, in my country?
  • Will it be some casual conversation, or some role plays (I hate those!)?
  • If it’s going to be a conversation, should I talk the way I do in casual communication or formally (more formally or highly formally)?
  • Since I am a native speaker, is this interview something that I have to worry about or not?


Worse, I didn’t know how I could prepare to present myself better.

Do I need to read about something and prepare to discuss it?

NO CLUE, no information, no recommendations that I was able to find.

So I went to my interview unprepared but stressed out. It worked out okay I guess: I got a Level 4/ Distinguished out of 5 possible. But with my real abilities and credentials in language, I felt it was a failure.

There was ONE PLUS: after going through that language interview, I was able to reverse engineer (kind of!) what the testers were doing and developed some idea (still pretty vague) what the expectations are for getting the top rating, Level 5 (as I already mentioned, I was in a better position than you to be able to reverse engineer what was going on at the interview because of my professional experience with language).

It was not the end of my story.

Within a month after my first speaking interview, I had another one, with a different employer. The format of the second interview was not exactly the same as at my first one.

I’ve got my Level 5 out of 5 on it.

Did my speaking ability somehow change within one month?

Not at all.

What did change?

I had received some information on what MAY HAPPEN during that interview (although it was not exactly in the same format) and what the EXPECTATIONS were for my target rating.

Based upon that information I was able to figure out how to better prepare for it.

And yes, with all my credentials with language, I WAS preparing for my second interview.


Because some tasks I was asked to do HAD NOT ALL BEEN A NATURAL PART OF MY DAILY COMMUNICATION for several previous years.

MY FIRST LESSON LEARNED: just knowing WHAT TO EXPECT during language tests could make a huge difference for you.

In my case the lack of knowledge cost ONE LEVEL.

In your case it could be more or it could be less.

If you are a native speaker of the language you’ll be tested on, keep my story in mind. It could be your case too.

Was I satisfied with my second interview?


I was happy with my results but I still was not REALLY sure about the whole interview situation.

My reverse engineering worked for me but it was based on analyzing just one interview.

Are all of them the same? Which elements of my interviews were mandatory parts of EVERY interview and which ones were not? I was not sure.

I didn’t have any CONFIDENCE that if I needed to repeat it in a different situation, my result would be the same. I didn’t feel that I understood and could USE THE SYSTEM.

I was able to get this CONFIDENCE in UNDERSTANDING THE SYSTEM later.

It happened when I was selected to become a Russian OPI tester myself, completed the rigorous OPI tester’s training, and had conducted a number of Oral Proficiency Interviews myself.

Want to know one result of my learning the ins and outs of the OPI because of this experience?

By knowing how the language proficiency testing works, I was able to create a self-study system for myself to learn a new language - Ukrainian. After 3 months of developing reading and listening skills ONE hour per day (100 hours of total self-study time), I took a language test and passed reading and listening at Level 4. And I was pretty confident when I was taking my Ukrainian test! Not to mention nice reward of extra several hundred dollars a month in language bonuses.

MY SECOND LESSON LEARNED: KNOWING INS AND OUTS OF THE SYSTEM can make your test preparation STRESS-FREE and bring you GREATER REWARDS than you can imagine.

Listen, language incentives- that a lot of government agencies and some private entities pay now - are an amazing self-development stimulus that can benefit both, your employer and you. The only thing that stops you from using full potential of language bonuses is LANGUAGE TESTING.

You know what the KEY is to the language bonuses? LANGUAGE TESTING.

Until you have a clear picture how LANGUAGE TESTING WORKS and become confident that you can have a very FOCUSED OPI-PREPARATION PROGRAM for it so you could pass it with confidence, you WILL BE AVOIDING language tests as much as possible.

Imagine Being Able To Nail Your OPI with Confidence


Just imagine how you’d feel with plenty of advice, tips, and strategies that will guide you through the entire process of your preparation to this interview.

  • No more frustrations of lost time because you don’t know what to focus your effort on.
  • No more irritation for losing thousands of dollars in language incentives and career opportunities.
  • No more fear of failure,
  • No more stress and losing sleep.

Imagine what using the FASTEST WAY TO PREPARE for any of your upcoming speaking proficiency interviews will give you:

​A clear understanding of …

  • TOPICS you’ll need to prepare to discuss,
  • TASKS you’ll be given,
  • What you are EXPECTED TO DEMONSTRATE on those tasks;
  • Knowing all the secret DOS and DON’TS that only an OPI insider can share with you;
  • Focusing only on “MUST DO” things specific for your target level;

​When stepping into the TESTING ROOM,

  • Feel absolutely SELF-CONFIDENT and ready to complete each and every task for your target level,
  • Know how to show the very MAXIMUM OF your language abilities,

​How extraordinary different would your life and work be if you could bring significant streams of SMART PASSIVE INCOME into your budget:

  • Add extra HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS PER PAYCHECK (tens of thousands of dollars per year)
  • For EACH foreign language you can use or maintain year, after year, after year;
  • But don’t stop there: it’s just a beginning.

Your Foreign Language Abilities Will Become Your Solid Asset When You’ll Develop OPI-Taking Skills

Expand your horizons:

your foreign language skills + your employer’s language bonuses + smart OPI-taking system = you get control over your salary growth.

Not your supervisor,

not even your performance at work.


Do you see how?

Nobody says that you have to limit yourself with just one language that you NEED for your work.

You may CHOOSE to learn new languages or improve the ones you don’t have on professional level yet.

On you own time.

With the stress-free test preparation system it’s totally doable (one hour per day can bring you a long way within 3 months if you know what you are doing!).

Learn new language + get tested = get paid. Hundreds of dollars per paycheck. For years.

It’s real. I’ve done it. You can do it.

EACH of the languages you USE AND/OR MAINTAIN can be a separate STREAM OF PASSIVE INCOME in your budget.

Would you want to RAISE YOUR LIFE STYLE so your family can get…

  • better education,
  • healthier food,
  • more travel opportunities,
  • larger house

– whatever is important to you?

The best part?

You could BECOME MORE INFLUENTIAL IN YOUR FIELD for certifying your foreign language skills on a professional level:

  • Get more serious assignments, promotions, and career advancement;
  • Be viewed by the others as an expert in your field;
  • Feel confident in one more area of your professional abilities: instead of avoiding language tests as frustrating and disappointing experience, you now look forward to any new ones since they are rewarding!

What if I told you I’ve created this EXACT solution?

As it turns out, for many people there is a way to turn their OPI into a pleasurable experience.

And the truth is there’s a way for you TO START ON THIS PATH TODAY...

Meet Your OPI Guide

Hi! I'm Dr. MARINA KOKER, a Russian language professor, researcher, author, and a former certified Russian Oral Proficiency Interview tester.

I had the chance to experience what the OPI is from all the possible angles:

  • as an OPI tester,
  • as an instructor who prepared students for taking the OPI,
  • as an OPI examinee.

As a Russian OPI tester, I had a backstage pass to the OPI. After completing the rigorous OPI tester’s training, I was conducting Russian OPIs– which allowed me to grasp all the details of the OPI system through a tester’s eyes.

As a Russian language instructor with B.A., M.A, and Ph.D. in Russian language and 25 years of teaching Russian in university/professional classrooms, as part of the instructor’s team and individually I was preparing the U.S. students and professionals for the OPI and for the other types of standardized language proficiency tests.

From this experience I learned a lot: What is more and less important for OPI preparation. What takes more time/effort, and what less. What methods of preparation can bring you to your target level faster.

And, - this is very important too - I have been in your shoes several times, when I was taking language proficiency tests (both, the OPI format and others).

I know how frustrated it could be when - because you don’t know all the OPI rules and best practices, you CAN NOT demonstrate the best of your speaking abilities.

I feel it’s being very UNFAIR that you can’t have your questions about the OPI answered. When you need it the most.

And that is why I put together all three angles of my experience with the OPI and created a solid system where

  • All your questions about the OPI get answered
  • All the Dos and Don’ts get explained

so you don’t stress out before your OPI anymore.

But instead – you

  • Focus your preparation on what is the most important,
  • Control your performance,
  • And win all your next OPIs.

In ANY language. At ANY level.

The OPI Secrets Revealed

Is speaking a foreign language a part of your professional duties?
Or are you an ambitions student who studies foreign language with the purpose to use it and get paid for it?


Discover strategies and techniques
for maximizing your score in the Oral Proficiency Interview in ANY language



This online, self-paced training is a complete A-Z blueprint for succeeding in your Oral Proficiency Interview that guides you through the backstage of the OPI and shows you all the ins and outs of the OPI in ANY language, at ANY level so you never feel overwhelmed, lost or stuck.

Core elements

of the OPI regardless of language and level

Tasks and topics

you’ll be given at each OPI level


to convert tester’s questions into specific
OPI tasks


you need to meet on each OPI level and type of task in order to succeed

Insider’s tips

and best practices
to get the results you need

Sample OPI questions and plenty of role play scenarios to practice

Stop guessing. Don’t waste your time searching. I’ll tell you EXACTLY what to do.



  • know precisely what to FOCUS on your OPI preparation,
  • BUILD UP your speaking proficiency interview taking skills.
  • present your speaking skills the EXACT WAY the OPI testers expect you to,
  • MINIMIZE YOUR PRE-OPI STRESS during your OPI preparation,

In ANY language. At ANY level.

My goal is to give you the tools to confidently succeed at your target level in your next OPI.

But not only for just getting it right once, for a specific language and level.

Instead, I’ll teach you how to use your speaking proficiency interview as a tool to easily control your language incentives as your solid income raising means for many years in your career.

You can start this course INSTANTLY, no matter what your level is or want language you speak and put this system and insider’s tips into action.

And remember- you can REPLICATE THE PROCESS AT NO EXTRA COST – again, and again.

Here’s How It All Breaks Down…

The OPI SUCCESS includes 6 lessons/ 28 modules (total of 10 hours of videos + PDF slides).

You have full control over time, place, path or pace you use for studying it.

  • In Lessons 1-2, you’ll learn the basics of the OPI that applies to the OPI in ANY language at ANY level.
  • In Lessons 3-6, I focus on specific things.

I’ll uncover the hidden challenges you’ll face when you take the OPI in ANY language at specific levels, and I’ll share with you my “top secret” best practices for nailing your OPI.

Lesson 3 guides you through the OPI at Level 1/ Intermediate, Lesson 4 – at Level 2/ Advanced, Lesson 5 – at Level 3/ Superior, Lesson 6 – at Level 4/ Distinguished.

Each lesson of the OPI SUCCESS
answers questions you always wanted to ask about the OPI
and includes actionable and easy-to-follow guidance and tips

Lesson 1 (3 modules): What the Oral Proficiency Interview (aka OPI) Is

Understand how the OPI is different from all other tests that you’ve taken before:

  • What the OPI is and who needs to take the OPI,
  • Why, when, where, and how often you need to take the OPI and how much time the OPI takes,
  • Proficiency scales used in the OPI,

so you can

  • Stop looking at the OPI (and language proficiency tests in general) like a burden but rather like a huge window of opportunities with potential for a lot of passive income,
  • Plan your OPI preparation time and financial flow in advance,
  • Convert your OPI results from the U.S. academia to the one used by the U.S. Government.

Lesson 2 (2 modules): What Happens During Any OPI

Learn about the OPI structure:

  • Tester’s goals and protocol,
  • The four core elements of the OPI and what each element is trying to assess,
  • Most common mistakes you can make in the first phase of the OPI and how to avoid them,
  • Types of tasks you’ll be given at the different levels,
  • Why practically everyone has at least one “linguistic breakdown” during the OPI, what happens with you during that breakdown and what you can do to minimize its impact on your performance,

so you can

  • Start your OPI incredibly strong and set it up as the first step to your OPI success,
  • Release your stress and increase your readiness by understanding the OPI structure and its logic,
  • Stand out from the crowd by avoiding most common OPI mistakes.

Lesson 3 (2 modules): How To Nail the OPI at Level 1/ Intermediate

Get clear on what to expect in your OPI at Level 1/Intermediate:

  • Topics you should be able to discuss,
  • Tasks you will be given and how testers set up those task,
  • Expectations you need to meet to be considered a Level 1 speaker in general and on each type of task specifically,
  • Hidden challenges you’ll face at Level 1 and actionable tips to maximize your performance on each type of Level 1 tasks,

so you

  • Focus your preparation on specific grammar, vocabulary, and tasks,
  • Pass all Level 1 tasks easily.

Lesson 4 (8 modules): How To Nail the OPI at Level 2/ Advanced

Discover the challenges standing in your way (including the hidden challenges that are sabotaging your success) to nail any of the Level 2 task:

  • Why a Level 2 speaker is often called a Storyteller and how to become one,
  • Why a Level 2+ speaker gets more tasks than the rest of the levels,
  • How to find out what Level 2 task is hidden behind the tester’s question and what you are expected to demonstrate on each of these tasks,
  • What the Level 2 topics and the seven types of Level 2 tasks are,
  • What smart OPI takers do to get some control over what testers ask them to do during their Level 2 OPI (you can do the same!),

so you

  • Never get lost or overwhelmed while dealing with multiple types of Level 2 tasks,
  • Use our templates, vocabulary “focus groups”, grammar points, and role-play scenarios to optimize your preparation time for Level 2 tasks,
  • Take some control of the topics you’ll be asked to discuss through careful planning the first phase of your OPI,
  • Absolutely confidently convert the tester’s questions into specific tasks,
  • Present your speaking skills the best way for maximum impact on the tester.

Lesson 5 (7 modules): How To Nail the OPI at Level 3/ Superior

Uncover the secrets of a successful OPI for this most important speaking level - the target level for the majority of U.S. professional jobs.

  • The core difference between Level 3 and Level 2, on one hand, and Level 3 and Level 4, on the other.
  • The mindset behind why testers ask certain questions the way they do so you’ll be able convert each of the tester’s question into a specific Level 3 task,
  • How to go deeper answering the tester’s simple questions in the first phase of the OPI so you can demonstrate your advanced speaking skills,
  • Why many native speakers are not able to get more than Level 2+, and what a native speakers should do to maximize their rating,
  • Level 3 topics with subtopics, four types of Level 3 tasks, what testers expect to hear from you on each task, and our actionable tips to maximize your impact on the tester and your rating,
  • Easy-to-follow templates for different types of Level 3 tasks with the high level intros, conclusions, and connectors,

so you can

  • Effortlessly switch from a neutral to a high style of the language after the first phase of the OPI,
  • Easily convert the tester’s “speech” into specific tasks by differentiating the topic, the level of subtopic and the type of task in it,
  • Get ready to speculate about different aspects of abstract topics without preparation,
  • Avoid common OPI pitfalls that native and non-native speakers fall into at Level 3,
  • Never leave a tester confused about your speaking potential and abilities,
  • Make each type of a Level 3 task a hit for you.

Lesson 6 (6 modules): How To Nail the OPI at Level 4/ Distinguished

Get ready to conquer the highest OPI levels? Great! Learn about…

  • Key features to keep in mind when you are scaling up from Level 3 to Levels 4/5,
  • The impact of Level 4 challenges on your performance if you don’t get help,
  • What a Level 4 speaker can talk about (topics & subtopics) and do with language (functions & tasks),
  • Five types of Level 4 tasks and what testers expect to hear from you on each task,
  • What to focus on when a tester sets up a task for you at Level 4,
  • How to let your tester know that you are a Level 4 speaker at the very beginning of the OPI,
  • Why Level 4 speakers get two types of role plays instead of one and what is so practical and exciting in each of them for you,

so you can

  • Target your OPI preparation towards specific Level 4 challenges,
  • Clearly understand the type and level of the tasks you will be given,
  • Stay at Level 4 in any given task without the risk of sliding down to Level 3,
  • Effortlessly switch speech registers, following your tester’s hints - from high abstract to colloquial,
  • Demonstrate strong persuasive and negotiating skills and use of rhetorical device.

​​​​What Is Great About the OPI SUCCESS Course Is That You Can Study It...


It’s 100% Online and Mobile Accessible

Access the OPI SUCCESS course on any device from anywhere in the world. Whether you want to dive in from your home computer or from your favorite mobile device, we have you covered.

The entire course is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal.


You Get Immediate and Lifetime Access

You’ll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule.

Immediately after enrollment you’ll receive your login to the this course. You will have unlimited access to it, so don’t worry if you can’t start right away or need to take it slow. OPI SUCCESS is there for you – WITH ALL THE UPDATES that will be made to it in the future. Enroll now- enjoy all future updates AT NO EXTRA COST.


Your Investment of $499

100% Money Back Guarantee

If after your purchase you find that this program was not the right choice for you, please email us at support@OPIsuccess.com to request your full refund.

I guarantee returning 100% of your investment but I may ask your honest feedback about your experience with my program because I strive to constantly improve its quality.

You may request refunds within 14 days from the date of your purchase.

Now You Might Be Wondering Is the


Like any other training, OPI SUCCESS are not for everybody.

It was designed for a very specific group of people. Please read carefully to see if that’s the right training for YOU to take.

If You Say YES! To Any Of These Questions, 

OPI SUCCESS Is EXACTLY What You Are Looking For:

Are you preparing for your first OPI at the end of your intensive foreign language study course?

Are you stressing out because your assignment, next career step, and language incentive pay depend upon your OPI rating?


What Makes This Program Different From
Anything Else Out There?

I know your needs, and my program is designed right for you:

  • You are a professional, so you prefer to learn from the experts:

    The OPI SUCCESS program is one of a kind because it leverages the unparalleled expertise of a foreign language professor who prepared many professionals to their successful OPI and a former OPI tester.
  • You don’t have a lot of time, so you need a proven system that delivers result FAST.

    I give you only the best strategies and truly important information, and won’t waste your time on anything not essential.

  • You don’t want to make costly mistakes (which failing to get your target level in your OPI could be).

    There is no other comprehensive programs available for OPI takers that explains how the OPI works and how to better prepare for it, so the OPI SUCCESS course, is the ONLY complete OPI study guide that helps you to develop the skills and strategies to succeed in the OPI and other types of speaking proficiency interviews used in the U.S. in ANY language, at ANY level.

    The OPI SUCCESS course is built as a tool to make the OPI system clear to you so you can use this knowledge to prepare for language testing in different languages or to improve your current foreign language skills. And with that- make your foreign language skills a reliable source of income for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

Who is this program NOT for?

What makes this program different from anything else out there?

My employer does not use the OPI but uses some other format to test speaking proficiency instead. Will this program help me to prepare for my speaking proficiency interview with my employer?

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How long is this program? Do I need to complete it within a certain timeframe?

Can I access course materials via my Smartphone?

When will I get access to the course materials and for how long will I have this access?

This course is what I was looking for because I need to take the OPI soon but I can’t afford it now. What are my options?

What is your refund policy?

I have a question that has not been answered yet.

I credit Marina’s materials and approach with my success on a recent comprehensive standardized language exam.


100% Money Back Guarantee

If after your purchase you find that this program was not the right choice for you, please email us at support@OPIsuccess.com to request your full refund.

I guarantee returning 100% of your investment but I may ask your honest feedback about your experience with my program because I strive to constantly improve its quality.

You may request refunds within 14 days from the date of your purchase.

Need help ordering or have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about this course, please contact us

I look forward to walking you step-by-step to your next winning OPI.

- Marina


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