ONLy 90 DAYS From Frustration to Confidence in Your Russian!

Russian Morning 


A comprehensive audio course  

for Advanced learners 

in practical everyday Russian

Understanding spoken Russian can be overwhelming

  • I live in Russia now and hoped that I’d pick up Russian pretty quickly. But immersion environment didn’t work so well.
  • I have a hard time memorizing Russian words. Are there any apps or methods to help with that?
  • I’m constantly doing something to learn Russian but can’t even keep up with casual conversation even after years of studying! It’s frustrating!
  • I can’t keep up with Russians when they talk. I’m still translating in my head, and they are five sentences ahead of me. This “machine gun Russian” is overwhelming!

Listening comprehension is the hardest skill to learn

If you are NOT building this skill in the right way, it can be very challenging  - even after years of  study. 

LACK OF VOCABULARY, pronunciation rules make it difficult to recognize familiar words when they are spoken, plus two more reasons why listening comprehension is so hard.

fast connected speech

When words are closely connected:

  • Several words may appear as one
  • Small words may hide between long ones 
  • Some words deteriorate so much that you can’t recognize them (“щас”, “тыща”, “пийсят”)
The TRANSLATIon trap

When you're trying to translate in your head every word that you hear, it slows down your processing and overwhelms you, and as a result -  discourages you from participating in the conversations.

Why free resources won't help you much in understanding spoken Russian

If you're trying to work on your listening comprehension skills on your own, you're may be saving some money but definitely wasting a lot of time.  Here is why.

YouTube channels and courses
You won't find any free online Russian language resources  that focus on systematic development of listening skills for Intermediate and higher levels.
Language exchange partner

Native speakers are rarely able to clearly explain vocabulary & grammar. Sessions don't have a system and don't last long. But this can supplement a study program. 

Movies with Russian subtitles 

This may work as a listening development tool but only if it’s used in a very specific way because our brain can't focus on two tasks at the same time and always choose the easiest one.  If it has a choice of reading Russian subtitles or listening to the fast speech, guess what it will do?  It will read subtitles instead of listening. 

THE BOTTOM LINE: the vast majority of language learners who reach higher levels of proficiency in Russian are those who seek out professional help. If you’re looking for more efficient use of your time, it’s always better to invest in your education.

Introducing Russian Morning Podcast

A comprehensive 90-day mobile training

in understanding authentic spoken everyday Russian

36 engaging stories introducing in detail all important aspects of daily life in Russia in audio and text formats, packes with carefully selected and explained vocabulary and grammar plus listening comprehension tools


mindless cramming


boring exercises


dated textbooks

Enroll now and improve your Russian!

This course is perfect for you if...

Your current level in listening is


  • B1 (Intermediate High/ L2
  • C1 (Advanced High/ L3) but you  feel lost with informal Russian 
  • A2 (Intermediate Low/ L1+). It will be a stretch, but doable.

You want to understand Russians when they talk about daily life...

  • In depth and in detail 
  • In standard and informal ways
  • While expressing emotions

Your goal is to...

  • Get your comprehension to B2 (Advanced Mid/ L2+
  • Considerably expand your vocabulary while getting help with memorizing new words

This course will help you if ...

  • You study Russian with a tutor
    Use this course as a well-structured foundation for your lessons and ask your tutor just to add speaking practice and tasks!
  • You'd like to refresh your Russian
    Our course has all the materials and tools you need to catch up with casual talk and with current trends and norms in daily Russian life.
  • You’ve been stuck on an Intermediate level for years

    How about trying a new approach? Learning 4000+ words and grammar patterns with modern tools and methods will get you right to the Upper Intermediate level fast and painlessly. 

  • You speak formal Russian but feel lost in informal conversation

    You’ve done a great job with learning standard Russian! With this course you’ll expand your vocabulary and comprehension skills with informal/ colloquial Russian.

  •  You live in Russia and realized that the immersion is not a magic wand

    Add structured learning by not wasting your time while stuck in traffic and take full advantage of your “immersion environment” to enjoy your life in Russia! In just 90 days the Russian language you hear around you will finally make sense!

  • You plan to visit Russia and want to minimize your “language shock”

    Textbooks for beginners teach simplified Russian but in real life people talk differently. After this course you’ll be fully equipped to easily adjust to the Russian environment and the language Russians use between themselves.

If you’d like to

  • Have a daily routine of improving your Russian comprehension in small steps 
  • See noticeable improvements after each lesson
  • Feel more and more confident in understanding Russian 
  • Learn with fun activities, without getting tired, upset or frustrated

Russian Morning Podcast course in a nutshell

4 key elements  are assembled into a consolidated system and work towards one goal

Comprehensive course

12 topics 

Cover all important aspects of daily life

36 lessons

Three lessons for each topic describe each topic in detail and depth

90 days of coursework

150+ study hours include everything you need to reach your goal without being overwhelmed

Integrated skills

Listening & reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and sociocultural competence

Authentic practical Russian

36 audios 

Each 3-10 min. audio is packed with current vocabulary & grammar that Russians use  between themselves in everyday conversation 

4000+ very practical words 

Carefully chosen culturally relevant general, topical and colloquial words is one of key elements for boosting your comprehension. 


2000+ grammar patterns

Commonly used sentences structures (neutral & informal) will solidify your grammar arsenal. 

Brain-friendly system 

Focused and layered comprehension

  • Focus on one skill at a time  
  • Within each skill, process the text in steps
  • On each step, look for structural & contextual clues first and understand one layer deeper

10-Step Comprehension Boosting system

  • Listening in 5 steps:  without support at a normal & slow rate, new vocabulary,  w/ vocab support twice 
  • Reading in 3 steps:  without and with grammar & vocab support + interpretation  
  • Learning new vocabulary & grammar with  infographics, grammar notes, and mind maps 
  • Memorizing vocabulary with a spaced repetition app  

Powerful learning tools

Listening comprehension tools

  • Listening at a normal and slow rate 
  • Full transcript
  • Listening to vocabulary & grammar breakdown 
  • Re-listening at different comprehension points

Vocabulary & grammar tools

  • Audio and written context
  • Infographics 
  • Mind maps
  • Interactive flashcards with spaced repetition, recorded pronunciation and interactive games

Course Program  

Topic 1.  Biography

Topic 2:  Family

Topic 3:  Education

Topic 4:  Work

Topic 5:  Daily routine

Topic 6. Home

Topic 7:  Leisure time

Topic 8:  Vacation & travels

Topic 9:  Food

Topic 10:  Holidays

Topic 11:  Health

Topic 12. Communication & Internet

At the end of this course  

You'll get one BIG step closer to fulfilling your dream of being fluent in Russian because you

  • make a breakthrough in your listening comprehension
  • Comfortably keep up with conversations about daily life in detail
  • Learn 4000+ practical words that you can use in standard and informal conversations 
  • Follow the flow of conversation and look for contextual clues to guess about unknown words
  • Get rid of the stumbling block of “word-for-word” translation 
  • understand current Russian realities and norms


  • Types of apartments Russians live in 
  • Is a typical work environment there
  • Social media they use 
  • They do when they get sick

How Russians

  • Spend their leisure time and vacations
  • Pay for their housing
  • Joke and express emotions

Dos and Don’ts for …

  • Visiting Russian families
  • Seeing Russian doctors 
  • Traveling around Russia 
  • Using cell phones in Russia
  • become much more efficient in your communication in Russian
  • Reach your goals in your conversations with Russian people
  • Feel more comfortable around your Russian partners and friends
  • Get along with Russian people more easily

What my students say about this course

  • I’ve studied Russian for years but your course made light come on
  • It’s layered quality of lessons. After I finish this course I’ll go back to get more out of it
  • I had exponential improvement in my comprehension
  • Visual diagrams (infographics and mind maps) are helpful
  • I learned how to use context to guess. I realized that I don’t have to understand every word. Instead of focusing on understanding every word, I now listen to the phrases or structures.
    I listen to the flow of the speech.
  • To learn Russian is an investment of time and resources. ROI is significant. It has been a blessing
  • It’s 10 out of 10 to improve your Russian comprehension

Course Author


Russian language and culture instructor, Russian OPI tester,  Russian curriculum and course designer, and an author of Russian language textbooks

I've been teaching Russian all my life. Russian is my passion. 

My superpowers are in 

  • Explaining complex grammar concepts in simple and visual ways
  • Designing intensive programs with fast and tangible results
  • Creating well-structured and visually appealing materials
  • Having a good combination of  support and motivation 

It's my goal to help as many Russian learners as possible to feel confident and comfortable talking in Russian, getting along with Russian people and expanding their horizons in Russian culture. 

Professional credentials

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  • 24 month course access

Guarantees? Yes, I give a guarantee!

I can confidently guarantee that if you complete this course, your comprehension of spoken Russian is inescapable! Why? My students with a busy schedule had this result. And you will have it too!

But I understand that you may need more tangible guarantee for your decision.

To help you decide I give you a 14 day 100% money back guarantee

For 14 days after you purchased this course you can go through all materials and see if this course is at the right level for you and if my system works for you. 

If within 14 days you decide it’s not for you, just write at support@RussianMobileAcademy.com and I’ll send you a full refund but I'll ask for your honest opinion about my course because I strive for the highest quality of my work and listen to my students' feedback. 

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your login in our welcome email and start learning

How it works

My system is based upon several neuroscience discoveries.

   Multitasking is a myth 

   Less is more 

   Memorizing = building strong neuron connections 

   Active learning is not enough 

Why it'll be easy for you to study with us

Learning any language is not a sprint but a marathon

It’s important to monitor your daily workload to stay on track and develop your studying routine.

You can fit your studying into your busy schedule and save time and money on your commute.


You’ll have everything you need in one place

It’s your “one-stop shopping” to learn authentic spoken Russian: engaging stories in audios + scripts + vocabulary + grammar + brain-friendly method + memorization tools


You'll study from anywhere

You can study from your laptop, tablet or phone. Lessons are available 24-7 on our online platform.  All audios can be downloaded and all PDFs are printable. 


You'll study in small portions

You can easily fit 10-20 min. study blocks into your daily schedule: with your morning coffee, on your way to work, while jogging, working out or cooking your dinner. 


You'll follow a brain-friendly system

Sequence of steps trains your comprehension skills in a logical for your brain way. 

On each step, you'll understand a little more and because of that always  feel successful.  


You'll study at your own pace

You'll get instant access to the course and keep it for 24 months.  You can study at your own comfortable pace and review material as many times as you’d like. 


You'll have everything to stay motivated and keep going

Each step on the way through each lesson will lead you to a tangible result and will feel like a victory. Study in steps + have positive emotions on each step = dopamine chain! 


You'll get support from the course author

I'm no less interested in your result than you are. Email me your questions at Marina@RussianMobileAcademy.com, and I'll answer them and guide and support you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this course is the right level for me?

But what if I don’t like or do not fit in this course?

If I’m at a Level C1 (Superior, Level 3) will this course be too low level for me?

Isn’t that expensive? 

Do I need to be at the computer all the time?

How much time will it take to go through each lesson?

Can you guarantee that I’ll be able to understand  Russians after this course? 

Is your program better than having private lessons with a tutor?

What if I still have questions?

IMG_9426 copy 2

I have been in your shoes with my own learning of English and immigrating to the U.S., so I totally understand the challenges you face with learning Russian. 

That’s why I am always here for you- to encourage and motivate, to support and patiently answer questions.  

I’ll bring you by hand to understanding of everyday Russian the fastest and the most comfortable way.

And I’ll be personally assisting you throughout the entire process.

Let’s work together to bring your Russian to the next level!  

Want to make sure that you are a good fit for this course?

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