Welcome to the

Russian Morning 


A comprehensive audio course  

for Advanced learners 

in practical everyday Russian

Goal:  Boost listening comprehension skills from B1 (Intermediate High/ Level 2)                              to B2  (Advanced High/ Level 2+)

Duration: 12 weeks/ 36 lessons

3 simple steps before the course starts 

1.  Read below how to work with this course. 

2.  Place "Russian Mobile Academy" in the "white list" in your inbox to make sure you don't miss your reminders.  

3.  Go to https://quizlet.com/ and create your free account. 

     Search in Quizlet "Russian Morning Podcast" and click on a blue button "Request Access."

     We'll approve your request within a day.  Once the course starts, your vocabulary lists will be         there. 

What is Quizlet? 

It's one of the best free apps for learning vocabulary through spaced repetition, interactive flashcards and games. Super easy and fun learning! 

How to work with this course 

All the lessons are instantly available to you.

​Each lesson has 3 elements: 1) 10-30 min. podcast audio file, 2) PDF, 3) Link to a Quizlet list.

The Audio file includes 3 parts:

  • Authentic audio passage at normal speed (3-10 min.)
  • The same passage at a slow speed (4-12 min.)
  • Vocabulary/ grammar breakdown (3-8 min.)


The PDF includes 2 parts: 

  • Word-for-word script for the audio
  • Vocabulary/ grammar breakdown


To get the most out of this course, I'd recommend you to follow my 10-Step Comprehension Boosting System to work with each lesson in this course.

10- Step Comprehension Boosting System


Let your ears do the comprehension work first.


  Step 1.  Listen to the audio passage at normal speed

  • Listen to Part 1 of the podcast episode: 3-10 min. audio at normal speed. 
  • Focus on understanding the main ideas and some details. Guess any unclear parts from the context and from your real world knowledge. Remember that this passage has 100+ new words, so praise yourself for any comprehension you're able to reach at this step. 

Step 2. Listen to the audio passage at slow speed  

  • Listen to Part 2 of the podcast episode: the same audio at slow speed .
  • Listen to the flow of speech and focus on understanding the main ideas and  more details. Try to guess more from the context or from your real world knowledge. Praise yourself for understanding a little more without any support. 

Step 3. Listen to a vocabulary/ grammar breakdown  

  • Listen to Part 3 of the podcast episode: vocabulary/grammar breakdown .
  • Relax and listen to all of the new words and sentence structures translated into English. Check how correctly you  guessed. 

Step 4. Re-listen to the audio passage at  normal speed

  • Listen to Part 1 (authentic audio at normal speed) again.
  • Focus on understanding as many details as you can. See how much more you can comprehend now after the previous step.  Praise yourself for understanding more!  


Make your eyes help your ears to comprehend.

Step 5. Read the script without any support

  • Read the script. Do not use any dictionary or vocabulary breakdown.
  • Focus on understanding more details from seeing the words in writing. All the underlined words  in the script should be new for you. Try to guess their meaning from the grammar structure:  their position in the sentence, their familiar parts (root, prefix, suffix, ending). Continue guessing  from the context and from your real world knowledge. Praise yourself for understanding a little more.

  • Step 6. Read the script with support   
  • Read the script again. Now it's time for full comprehension!
  •  Focus on understanding all the details. Use grammar notes and vocabulary breakdown for that. Notice that vocabulary is broken into three groups: general, topical and colloquial. Some lessons also include idioms.  Check how correct your guessing was. 


  • Step 7.  Learn new vocabulary/ grammar with infographics, grammar notes  and mind maps
  • View the vocabulary infographics and mind maps and analyze  how new words are related to each other: organized in clusters with the same root, express similar or opposite meanings, etc.  
  • View grammar infographics and grammar notes to learn new  grammar structures. Go back to the script and highlight all new grammar structures there.  Analyze why they were used there.  
  • Step 8.  Memorize vocabulary/ grammar with Quizlet 
  •  Go to a vocabulary list for this lesson in Quizlet. 
  • Play with the vocabulary/ grammar using interactive flashcards and games. Memorize all of the words: Russian to English and English to Russian. Pay attention to the grammar features of the words.


Step 9. Interpret the script  without any help

  • Interpret the script. Don't look at the vocabulary/ grammar breakdown.
  • Focus on full comprehension : you learned all the  new words, and you see them in their natural context again. Praise yourself for great work: you've learned 100+ new words!


Step 10. Re-listen to the passage at a normal speed 

  • Re-listen to the podcast Part 1 (authentic audio at normal speed) 
  • Focus on understanding all the details.  Praise yourself for your great work!

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