January 28, 2020

Russian Vocabulary: Verbs with the root – КАЗ –

russian vocabulary verbs with the root каз

Learning new vocabulary is not always an easy task. Some of the words just don’t stick in your brain!

There are several methods that can make it easier to to memorize a lot of words.

One of the methods is based on building strong neuron connections between the words you want to memorize and the ones that you already know.

The Russian language system is actually built in a way that makes this method easier. It has a lot of word clusters that are built around one root.

Here you have an example of one verb cluster – a group of verbs that are formed from the same root – КАЗ-. All of these verbs are very common in Russian, so memorizing them will really expand your active vocabulary in conversations on common topics.

Contrast and compare the meanings of these verbs to help you memorize them as a group.

Please note:

  • All these verbs have Perfective and Imperfective forms but only the Perfective forms are listed in this illustration.
  • Also most of these verbs have more than one meaning, so check the other meanings in a dictionary, i.e. multitran.ru.
russian verbs with the root КАЗ