Top 100 Russian Words for Air Travel

  • Are you planing to travel by air to the Russian-speaking country?
  • Does talking to passport control and customs make you feel nervous because you are concerned that you won’t understand them and say something that can get you into trouble?
  • Do you know how to discuss the details of your future trip with your Russian friends?  

Get our Top 100 Russian Words for AIR TRAVEL

Is it NOT a typical "laundry list" of 100 words listed in random or alphabetical order. When you see those lists, your brain tried to avoid doing anything with them because they look initiating, right?  

It is a professionally designed vocabulary tool that was created to make your learning easier and more enjoyable.

100 most useful words and phrases 

you need to use during your next trip by air:

  • Carefully selected and translated into English, so you learn only the words you will need
  • Include not only words but also ready-to-use phrases so you use them instead of struggling with building sentences from individual words
  • Grouped thematically so you'll be ready to use them in different situations you would be dealing with in your trip: 
  • Planning your trip
  • Buying or ordering your tickets
  • At the airport: checking-in, going through passport control, security and customs
  • On a plane 

  • Presented in a "fold-and-flip" format (Russian on the left, English on the right) that you can use as a great memorization tool: 
  • Print and fold it
  • Look first at the Russian words and remember the English ones (it helps your understanding), 
  • Flip and look at English words and remember Russian ones (it helps your speaking).
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About the Author

Marina Koker 

For 30+ years she has been teaching Russian at Intermediate, Advanced and Superior level at the universities in Russia, in the U.S. and in Latvia and at the intensive Russian language programs in the U.S.

She created 12 Russian language courses for Intermediate, Advanced and Superior level Russian learners. 

She is an author of a unique “7-Step Comprehension Boosting Method” that helps Russian learners to start understanding fast Russian speech and develop listening, reading and speaking skills quickly and in a stress-free way. 


Ph.D. in Russian Language from the V.V.Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

B.A./M.A. in Russian language from the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

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Paul Kozachenko - United States

The materials are logically presented and are interesting to work with. Now not only has my comprehension improved, but I feel much more comfortable engaging in conversations. Russians have noticed because instead of switching to English, conversations now continue in Russian.

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Suzi Gobelli - Switzerland

With this course I'm systematically expanding my vocabulary and the grammar topics are consolidated. And because the course is built brain-friendly, you learn very quickly.

David Bagdy - United States

Russian Mobile Academy is an excellent place to improve your intermediate Russian Language skills. The program is put together in a very user friendly manner. It is sure to hone all your language skills. The best part of the program is Marina’s fantastic teaching skills and her passion to help her students learn. 10 stars.

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