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Learn ALL Russian verbs of Motion

What's included

  • Three video lessons (41, 41 & 37 min. each) that clearly and visually explain all the meanings and usage of all 18 verbs of motion pairs (2-9 meanings for each pair) 
  • Three PDFs with the slides for all of three videos 
  • Three PDFs with the practice exercises (12, 12 and 10 for each video) with the keys for self-check

Why  Master Verbs of Motion? 

  • They are the most frequently used group of Russian Verbs
    They are a huge number of verbs that Russians constantly use in their daily communication. If you would like to make a quick breakthrough in your speaking, it's a smart strategy to focus on mastering VOM. 
  • You want to be understood and taken seriously 
    VOM are very challenging. Most courses don't devote enough time for you to master them. When you make a lot of mistakes in VOM, you may not only be misunderstood, but worse, judged poorly or even mocked. Russians take proper language usage seriously and judge people by the way they talk.

What's so hard about

Verbs of Motion?

Do you confuse ...?


At the end of this course you will

  • Fully understand how the Russian VOM system works
  • Confidently use all VOM with all 16 prefixes and 25 prepositions and in all contexts 
  • Memorize Present, Past, Future, Imperative, Negation forms for all 18 VOM pairs
  • Give directions and describe routes in detail without hesitation or confusions
  • Apply clear algorithms when choosing a VOM pair, a VOM within the pair, a context,  a prefix, and a preposition + case 
  • Boost your confidence by accurately using 500+ common verbs (multiply 18 VOM pairs x 16 prefixes!)

Course Author 

In case we haven’t met before


Russian language and culture instructor, Russian grammar expert, OPI tester, Curriculum and course designer, Textbooks author

  • 30+ years’ experience in teaching Russian to adults at universities in Russia, the U.S., and in Latvia, for the U.S. government and private language schools.  
  • Ph.D. from Vinogradov Institute of Russian Language at the Russian Academy of Sciences and skills to explain complex grammar concepts in a simple, actionable and visual way.

If you’d prefer to learn from a top notch instructor while also building your confidence in your Russian skills and having fun, welcome to my class! 

What my students say

Russian verbs of motion study is full of surprises 

First surprise is usually after you have gotten used to using Ездить-Ехать and  Ходить-Идти. 

That’s when you open a new chapter in your textbook and you say “You mean there are more?”

Surprise! There are more.

Even if you consider number declension to be more complicated, VOM are lot to consider, so you need advice and guidance from the most qualified source possible. ....

Read more

Constant use and a superior combination of lectures, textbooks and workbooks are needed to give you an edge.

Luckily, besides constant use, Metro Club VOM has all you need to get started and quickly be able to describe how and where things are going.

The course is in the usual three levels. Each level has text and video study tools covering 6 of the 18 pairs of verbs, 16 prefixes, 25 prepositions and myriad nouns used to accurately describe movement. 

Beyond movement, other uses unrelated to motion are covered by these verbs and those are  given as much importance and thought as the other “Main” uses.

Use of flow charts (called algorithms in course materials) train decision-making so choosing the proper verb becomes natural as you use the workbooks and when you hit the street.

Visuals are always on the page next to explanations showing you type of transport and info that makes usage apparent. 

There is a workbook and a guide to usage of all these components for every level.

Beyond compare is a guide, in 7 steps, to help develop the habit of choosing and using the right verb and other components of a properly spoken or written sentence about motion.

I had nothing but success using these well compiled and comprehensive study aids and recommend them to anyone wanting to be able to say the same.

Tony Lyver //  Canada

I've never learned so much in so short time

I've had many Russian courses over the years, but never learned so much in so short time. Marina's targeted and concentrated focus on specific topics gave me the confidence to speak more fluently.

Ronald  //  Federal Government Employee

I especially liked how Marina structured lessons

I especially liked how Marina structured lessons. That is exactly how people learn languages – not big abstract buildings, but concrete block by block. It was a true honor to study with her. She is an excellent teacher, and I cannot thank her enough for the structure, encouragement and creativity.

Jennifer //  Federal Government Employee

No matter what level your Russian is Marina can help you to improve it

Marina Yuryevna’s instruction is excellent. Her knowledge of the intricacies of the Russian language is exceptional. No matter what level your Russian is she can help you to improve it

Genevieve //  Federal Government Employee

What are the advantages of this course?

  • Unique
    The only online course that develops your skills in this complex grammar topic through a unique system  
  • Focus
    Focusing on one skill helps you to develop accuracy and confidence 
  • Comprehensive
    You’ll learn all 18 VOM pairs in great detail 
  • System 
    Our step-by-step system helps you to understand VOM and develop your skills in using them without confusion
  • Practical 
    It focuses on developing your practical skills and is based on phrases from practical daily Russian
  • Lifetime 
    Keep access to this course as long as we offer it. Go back and review it any time you need it


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try this course risk free for 14 days and complete the first module. 

If within 14 days after the course started you’ll decide that it’s not the right course for you, just send an email to support@RussianMobileAcademy.com and we’ll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. 

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