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What is Russian Mobile Academy? 

We are an online Russian language school for Russian learners at Intermediate and higher levels.

Our goal is to help you break through the Intermediate level plateau and start confidently speaking in Russian.

Whom we can help


who use Russian at their job in the U.S. and worldwide


who love Russian language, culture and people


who study or work in Russia 

and ...

Have passed  the Elementary (Level 1) in Russian but haven't reached fluency yet

Don’t have time for rummaging through a pile of textbooks and online materials

Can study online with support, guidance and in good company of like-minded people

How we can help

We focus on the areas where Intermediate Russian learners (especially self-studying ones) typically struggle the most.

Level up your Russian
Build up your fluency in speaking.  Take your listening and reading skills to Advanced level. Memorize thousands of practical words. Put the toughest grammar structures on autopilot.

Set up your study routine
Learn daily in small steps. Easily incorporate lessons into your busy schedule. Progress consistently towards your goal. Get support from the course author and like-minded people.

Prepare for a test
Get the tools to succeed in your Russian proficiency test in speaking (OPI) and in listening & reading (DLPT) at ILR level 1 - 4 in accordance with the U.S. Government language proficiency testing standards

Why Study Russian With Us 


When your learning is easy, you won’t procrastinate! Develop new skills in micro-steps, use our tools to memorize new words and get a clear picture of how Russian grammar works with our simple and visual explanations.


Your time is valuable!

For each course we carefully selected only what is necessary and use modern methods and a well-thought out system to bring you to your best result in the shortest way possible.


With your busy schedule you can study whenever and wherever is comfortable for you – at home or on your way to work, from a laptop or a smartphone.


Learning Russian can be cool!

Our interactive communicative tasks and fun tech tools will keep you motivated and involved.

To help you learn faster and easier, we use best of the

Current trends and methods in foreign language education

Neuroscience discoveries in the best ways to process and memorize information

Educational tech tools (apps, and infographics, mind maps)

JOIN our programs, and we’ll help you to unlock your potential and achieve your goals!

YOU can do it! We’ll help!

  • Do you think that Russian is too difficult for you? That you won’t ever get fluent? If you do, don't believe it!
  • It’s a self-limiting belief that came from some past discouraging experience with learning Russian: the wrong program, textbook or teacher. 
  • But you know what? Your brain is very plastic and adaptable, and its abilities are unlimited! 

You can transform any self-limiting belief into incredible achievements with:

  • An effective program 
  • The support of a teacher who strongly believes in you and helps you to believe in your success too!

And in our Russian Mobile Academy you’ll get both of them. 

  • We not only create strong Russian programs 
  • We support, inspire and motivate each of our students and absolutely believe in their ability to be fluent in Russian!

About the Author

marina koker


Founder of the Russian Mobile Academy. Russian courses designer and instructor.  

I have vast experience in teaching Russian both at universities and in intensive government language programs, and I know exactly what materials, methods, and tools will bring you "from zero to hero" in Russian fast

I’m especially good at:

  • Explaining complex language concepts in simple and visual ways
  • Designing intensive programs with fast and tangible results
  • Creating well-structured and visually appealing materials
  • Having a good combination of  support and motivation 

It's my goal to help as many Russian learners as possible to feel confident and comfortable talking in Russian, getting along with Russian people and expanding their horizons with Russian culture. 

Happy to help you and welcome!

Professional Credentials

Let’s see how you’re doing with one of the most common and challenging grammar constructions – with Verbs of Motion

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Online Russian language school for Russian learners at Intermediate and higher levels.

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