How do I break through the Intermediate level plateau in vocabulary?

Click here to read this post in RussianMany people have been sitting at an intermediate level plateau in Russian for years or even decades because they don’t know exactly how to work on their Russian in order to reach an advanced level. Do you want to communicate freely in Russian with friends and when traveling – […]

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What prevents you from breaking through the Intermediate level plateau and how to do it?

“I have a feeling that in the last few years I have been stagnating in Russian.” “Just as I couldn’t express myself in Russian, I still can’t express myself in Russian”, “I guess this is my limit”. Similar thoughts appear in the mind of a person who has hit the Intermediate plateau. Let me tell you how […]

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April 18, 2022

Myths about listening skills

You know that understanding natives when they’re talking – directly with you or when you hear them in the movies – is a very big challenge.How can you finally start understanding spoken Russian?Here is some very common advice you can hear and the hard truth about it.Common advice : Just listen to a lot of […]

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