What does ОДИН (one) mean in Russian?

The word ОДИН (ОДНА, ОДНО, ОДНИ) is one of the commonly used Russian words.  


Because it has a number of different meanings and it belongs to two different parts of speech.

  1. As a NUMERAL it means “a number between 0 and 2”. You all know this   meaning.

У меня одна сестра и два брата – I have one sister and two brothers.

        2.  As an ADJECTIVE, it is used in a number of meanings, i.e.:

  • the same

Мы работали на одном заводе. – We (both, all) worked at the same factory. 

  • This, some

Знаешь, я тут прочитал одну книгу – очень интересная!  - You know, I read this book – it’s very interesting. 

  • By oneself, alone

Сейчас я живу один. - Now I live alone (by myself)

  • The only one

Он один знает, как это делать. – He is the only one who knows how to do it. 

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