Conversational Russian Podcast – Preview

What is a good way to memorize and retain a lot of vocabulary?

Several things can play their role into it.

First, you need to meet new words within one hour several times in different media, i.e.

  1. Listen to them in the meaningful and engaging context;

2. Read them at the meaningful and engaging context;

3. Understand their meaning from translation of the single word + in several different contexts;

4. Understand the meaning of the word’s elements, i.e. root by seeing the word in the word clusters with the other words with the same root; prefix or suffix;

5. Grasp deeper their meaning and grammar features from visual format, i.e. infographics, mind maps, pictures, etc.;

6. Use them in different meaningful exercises, i.e. dialogues, interactive games, describing your own life experience with them.

By doing all of that interaction with the new words, you memorize them without even noticing it!

All of these elements that help you to quick and easily memorize a lot of new words you’ll find in our Conversational Russian METRO Club!

You will learn about Russian daily life in engaging podcast lesson and memorize 50-60 new words in each of them.

You can listen to the audio (at normal and slow speed) from Lesson 1 attached here.
Each week you’ll get:

  •  7-8 of infographics with vocab and grammar
  •  Plus the audio (normal and slow)
  •  Plus the transcript
  •  Plus the vocab/grammar breakdown
  •  Plus our interactive vocab flashcards in the Quizlet app for all the new vocab
  •  Plus listening dictation exercise
  •  Plus 12-15 questions for speaking practice

Four of these lessons start at $39.99 per month.
You can enroll and test this program for yourself.